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Reducing Lead Exposure
Unfortunately, lead is here to stay. It is simply too widespread to removed. But there are several simple steps you can take to contain the threat.

1. Evaluate your home for lead hazards. If it was built before 1978, chances are that it contains some lead paint - it's almost certain to be present in pre-1950 homes.

2. Remodel and renovate safely -- never sand lead paint, since lead dust is far more dangerous.
3. Do not remove lead-based paint yourself. It is extremely hazardous.
4. Keep areas where children play as dust-free and clean as possible. Wet mop floors and wipe window ledges and surfaces such as cribs with a general all-purpose cleaner or a cleaner made specifically for lead and warm water.
5. Have children wash their hands after playing outside, and before meals, naps and at bedtime.
6. Have your water tested for lead. Water may contain lead from pipes, solder or faucets containing lead.
7. Do not bring lead dust into your home from the workplace or environment. Wipe your feet before entering your home. Remove work clothes and wash them separately from the rest of your family's clothing.
8. If you purchase or rent a home built before 1978, review carefully the information provided to you about lead-based paint hazards.
9. Eat a healthy diet that includes iron, calcium and foods low in fat. Foods rich in iron include eggs, red meats, and beans. A healthy diet causes the body to absorb less lead.
10. Practice good maintenance to keep old lead-based paint intact.

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