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Where Lead Comes From
Prior to the 1970s, lead was used extensively throughout the U.S.. It could be found in paint, gasoline, solder and countless other uses. The result is a legacy of lead that will be with us for generations. Here are some of the places where lead commonly exists today:

  • Lead dust from old lead paint can cover floors and windowsills.
  • Soil around your home can be contaminated if exterior lead paint was used sometime in the past.
  • Soil around driveways and roads are often contaminated from the lead in car exhaust.
  • Tap water from lead solder, pipes, brass fixtures
  • Hobbies - ammunition, fishing sinkers, stained glass, pottery glazing, and certain car parts can all contain lead
  • Toys from foreign countries, particularly China.
  • Old or foreign glazed ceramic dishware / pottery
  • Parent bringing lead dust home from work (painters, remodeling contractors, factory workers, auto repair technicians, etc.)
  • Ethnic home remedies such as Greta, Azarcon, Surma, Kohl, or Khali
  • Older porcelain bathtubs
  • Plastic miniblinds more than 2-3 years old
  • Long-burning candles with metallic wicks
  • Brass keys

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